On Location at Te Uku - Photograph by Kim Annan

My Creative Practice.

My creative practice engages with the aesthetics of ecological beauty and the marks made upon the land by man’s incursions.

I have a deep spiritual attachment to the landscape, I feel it in my bones.  This connection is part of a single being; both landscape and person are connected, inherently. One cannot exist without influencing the other. People seek to control the landscape, divide it, shape it, scape it back, write on it and make our marks. Yet we are part of the ecology. Not separate but a single whole.  My relationship with the land came from a need. I yearned for the stability of the landscape, its density of time, its ability to swallow you in and take you into itself.

My spiritual attachment to the land has allowed me to become observant and in tune with my surroundings. I have engaged with the landscapes by exploring them through the lens of a camera.  In my practice I am concerned with elevating the land so it becomes an active participant in the discussion. Art can explicitly discuss our role in the landscape without necessarily presenting all of the answers. Through art we have the ability to manipulate perceptions of time, we can stretch or compress it, allowing for representation beyond a single generation. The presentation of the landscape allows the surfacing of the viewer’s own relationship with the land. Building on memories, feelings and thoughts, the artist can develop a potential empathy in the viewer.


  • Fire on Parchment, Art of Adaptation, Climate Change Innovation Lab, October 2017 (Tasmania, Australia)
  • 2015 Pacific Rim International Print Exhibition, Chambers 241 Gallery, September – October 2015 (Christchurch, New Zealand)
  • Fire on Parchment (solo) - ST Paul St Gallery Three, July 2015 (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Light | Umbrella | Shadow -  Auckland Festival of Photography, Circle Gallery, May 2015 (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Circle end of year show -  Circle Gallery, December 2014 (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Circle Christmas special -  Circle Gallery, December 2014 (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Circle Inaugural show -  Circle Gallery, November 2014 (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Te Uku - The Dialectic Landscape – Project Space Gallery, 2013 (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Beads – grounding of the MV Rena - Balance-Unbalance International Conference, 2013 (Noosa, QLD, Australia)
  • Unexpected Spaces – Beads – AD12 Festival, AUT University, 2012 (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Girl with a Movie Camera – creative director - Dunedin Fringe Festival, 2012 (Dunedin, New Zealand)
  • I’m here for the Bees – Surfwash, AUT Moving Image group – St Paul Street Gallery, 2012 (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Girl with a Movie Camera – creative director – Tempo Dance Festical, 2011 (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Horizonline – Spatial install gallery, 2011 (Auckland, New Zealand)