205 Cephalopoda, Belemnoidea

Belemnite fragment Augathella, Q'land NSW - Jurassic

Fossilised squid like animal from the Jurassic period (200 million years ago)

Vertebrata (Reptilia)

Dinosaur bone fragment from a Brontosaurus, from the upper Jurassic period (150 million years)

Fossilised metatarsal bones from an aquatic dinosaur from the Triassic period (250 million years ago

Fossilised fish - unknown type and period

Fossilised fish - unknown type and period

Jawbone from the macropus titan (Extinct Kangaroo)

Malaysian tektite - believed to have been formed as molten debris from meteorite impacts

Fossilised Kauri Gum from Northland New Zealand

Loadstone from Utah - naturally occurring magnetic piece of the mineral magnetite

Meteorite that impacted in Antarctica

Fossilised dinosaur tooth from the Jurassic period

Gizzard stone from a Giant Moa

Beetle trapped in tar pool

Iron meteorite - iron-nickel alloy

Maori Axe Head - unknown origin 

Fossilised megalodon tooth (Great White Shark)

Tektite - from impact of meteorite - unknown origin

Iron meteorite - one cross-section cut 

Catch a falling star - Book by Sidney Rosen, illustrated by Dean Lindberg

1000 Facts on Fossils - Book by Chris Pellant and Helen Pellant